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  Business,  an  Indian  Mantra

Jatin Golani is currently part of Polyfab  - a family run Textile Yarn and Fabric Manufacturing company based in Bombay, India with a strong focus in Synthetic Specialty Yarns and Home Furnishing Fabrics. His qualifications hold him as Textile Engineer though he also holds passion towards Computers and is an avid self-taught Software Developer and Linux enthusiast. He formed his first Internet Tools company - Broadnet - only a few years after completing his Textile Engineering.

BOS: Can you briefly tell us how business is working in India?

Jatin Golani: India has been doing very well over the last few years and although business here faces a lot of competition - both domestic and international, in general everyone here is quite upbeat. While there are definite steps we need to take to ensure our presence in the highly competitive global front, we have every reason to believe we can meet the challenge.

BOS: Do you believe that success is something to build on your own or is it a gift that you have or you do not have?

Jatin Golani: To me success is a by-product, what is more important is to have a direction and to move diligently in that direction, to be clear in your vision and have the will to follow it through to the end, success will follow. Regardless of the outcome there`s a joy you realize when you`ve pushed yourself beyond your own limits in trying for something you believe in - as they say "Getting there is half the fun".

BOS: Have you ever had the chance to meet the European or the American way of making business? If yes, point out the differences that you have noticed.

Jatin Golani: The European and American way of business is highly efficient however, in my humble opinion, tends to be very precise and terse in some situations in many cases prohibiting strong inter - personal relationships from forming. Relationships often cease to exist beyond the work place. While this has the upside of a very smooth well greased and efficient machinery where everyone knows their role and performs efficiently, the downside maybe that they lose to capitalize on personal ties propelling individuals to push beyond the call of their duty. All in all, I admire the western way of working and believe there`s a lot we can learn from each other.

BOS: Which are, in your opinion, the first 3 rules that a business man should obey in order to reach his objectives?

Jatin Golani: The first 3 rules that a business man should obey are:

  1. Goodwill is the strongest currency - Increasingly I feel that Goodwill is the number one reason for people doing business with you now and forever. It is the number one asset of any business man and truly the most important weapon in his arsenal.
  2. Network - Network with both people out of your organization to generate business and also network your own employees - your team, your soldiers.
  3. As Nike says "Just Do It."

BOS: What is your advise for young people wanting to start their own business?

Jatin Golani: I`d suggest that someone trying to start up their own business focus on mastering his/her chosen field - maybe apprenticing or working in the field for sometime. Marketing and Finance are key. In my opinion, playing slow and steady pays off in the long run. It takes a lot of time to establish credibility and a proven track record so they shouldn`t be disheartened too quickly. Choosing a field you`re passionate of can be very rewarding. Asking yourself what you think your field will be like a year or five years down the line makes for interesting food for thought and keeps your focus towards the future.

BOS: How do you deal with your customers? Which is the best way of business relationships to last longer?

Jatin Golani: Playing it straight seems to be a philosophy that works well with all stratas of society - be it a customer or an employee. I would consider myself successfull if instead of a "customer" base - where there`s only a two dimensional Give and Take relationship, I have a "community" base which revolves around an implicit trust - the business end would take care of itself in the long run. It`s easier for a rival company to steal a customer base than a trusting community base.

BOS: Can you tell us an "Indian" secret for managing in life?

Jatin Golani: The mantra we Indians hold above most others is Faith. Faith in God. Faith in the Fellow Human. Faith in Ourselves. Have Faith.

CarmenPaguba,ContentManagerBOS  [2006-04-15]
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